The picture is my own.

During the summer, my friends and I went to Disneyland to celebrate two of my friends’ birthdays. I had only been to Disneyland twice before, once when I was six and once in eighth grade, so I was excited.

I did not start off the day well because I woke up late and almost didn’t make it to my friend’s house on time. She was offering me a ride to the park, so if I showed up late, that would put an end to my adventure. Thankfully, she checked in on me and asked if I woke up, which I just did thanks to her. I quickly got ready and went to her house. I, of course, was the last one to arrive.

We arrived at the park and did the usual things: went on rides, ate food, took pictures, bought souvenirs. My favorite part of the trip was when my friend opened up my gift to her; it was a flamingo hat and she wore it during our stay at the park. We could not control our laughter while we pranced around the park, my friend wearing her giant flamingo hat. We got strange looks from people, and we even made a disturbed couple stop holding hands, but we didn’t care; we found the hat hilarious.


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