The picture is my own.

I had an interview at Toys “R” Us this week. It was the first interview I had ever been to, so I was very nervous. Once I arrived at the store, I began to relax, as I noticed how friendly the interviewers and my potential co-workers were.

The first part of the interview was a group interview, which consisted on introducing our assigned partners, collaborating in teams to build a something with mega blocks and “sell” it, and market an assigned toy. I wonder why the interviewers made us work together to build something with mega blocks. What was so important about that part of the interview?

The second part of the interview was an individual interview which seemed pretty standard. The interviewers looked over your resume and discussed some parts that interested them. The interviewer I had was particularly interested in my past volunteering experiences. In addition, she asked some questions about myself and why I wanted to work there.

Overall, the experience was really interesting. I feel more comfortable for future interviews and interactions with adults. I just wonder if I got the job… 


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