Social Classes

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What social class a person comes from does not matter to me. However, I can see how it can affect perceptions one has on a person. An upper class person could have been brought up differently from a person who was middle or lower class. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure can be proven true as a person coming from a lower class might not be used to the things a rich person has and appreciates luxuries more. That is just one characteristic that a poor person might have compared to a rich person, but of course there are many exceptions.

Just like Lucinda Rosenfeld, the author of the article Notes on the Upper Muddle, I too felt uncomfortable when I arrived at my friend’s house one day to learn how rich they were. Many of the things they had were so foreign to me; they were things I could only dream of having.

What I also found interesting about the article was that she mentioned how her daughter managed to befriend the only child of fellow parents working in book publishing. It shows how that could’ve been a coincidence or that there is something that makes us feel connected to people that have come from similar backgrounds as us.



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