Global School Play Day

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Image by Global School Play Day

My English teacher actually let us play whatever games we wanted to for an entire period instead of teaching us. I was surprised that he was serious about participating in the Global School Play Day, but I am glad he did. Our classroom was filled with different games all our classmates brought and everyone was playing a different game. My friends and I spent the whole period playing card games, something I have not done in a long time. I was amazed that I remembered some of my favorite card games back in the day as well as I did. While playing card games, I reminisced on my childhood. I remembered how I used to play cards every day on the bus ride home. We would sit on the bus floor and place our cards on the bus seat, as if it were a table. Sure the bus would make wide turns every now and then and the cards would slide off but it was fun nevertheless. I am so glad I participated in the Global School Play Day because it brought back emotions I had not felt since I was in elementary school.


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