Ted Talk: Play

Image result for kids playing cartoon

Image by Freepik

After watching a Ted Talk regarding the decreasing amount of time kids spend playing nowadays, I reflected on my own personal accounts of this phenomenon. It’s true that kids go out and play less. When is the last time I’ve seen a kid out in my neighborhood? I myself do not go out to play as often as I think I should. I do enjoy playing, but I have so many other tasks I prioritize over playing. However, after watching the Ted Talk, I think I will invest a little more time in my week to playing with my friends. The video mentioned how our generation’s youth will suffer because of the lack of play in their lives. Kids will become socially and emotionally crippled as a result, since they aren’t practicing their social skills. What I found the most shocking was that there was a direct link between less play and higher child suicide rates. This issue definitely needs to be discussed and dealt with on a higher level. The video has motivated me to spend a little less time working and a little more time playing. Some of the best memories I have are playing with friends, so why not do it more often?







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