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Most Popular Categories: Investigate, Delight, Question


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Most Popular Tags: Random, School, Thought, News

While looking over the blogs I have written on the last few months, I have noticed a pattern in what I wrote about. By looking at my categories and tags, I realized that I write mostly about random thoughts, school, news, and my opinions by investigating, expressing my delight, and questioning. The SQUID elements I use repeatedly are Investigate, Delight, and Question (I tend not to unite).

A blog post I think I could expand on isĀ Freedom Writers. In the post, I explained my delight for the book and the significance it holds to me. I could continue with the post and explain its significance to the world and how it can impact other people’s lives. I can investigate more into the message of the book and how that can inspire other people the way it has inspired me.


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