Celebrity Activism

Image by Marina Djurdjevic

There are times when celebrity activism is unwanted, even though their intentions seem good. For instance, Shia LaBeouf recently got into an altercation with someone at an anti-Trump art show in New York. He was one of the many people that was supporting the artwork, which was made to give the message that people did not like Trump as our president. The artist had good intentions, but the popularity of the art got so out of hand that people were afraid neo-Nazis would gather at the site. There were also bomb threats and gunmen at the site. This caused the city to use their law enforcement to supervise the property, when they could’ve been protecting New York from crime. Even though the artist and LaBeouf wanted to get a message across, they ending up doing more bad than good. This is why it is important for celebrities to be very careful and knowledgeable of the actions and causing they are partaking in.



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